nHarmony is a custom web development firm serving clients throughout Indiana and across the nation. We're a group of educated, experienced professionals working together to create successful online solutions for organizations of all sizes. More about our web development team

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Indiana Web Design Company

We are an Indiana web design company, devoted to creating cutting edge digital designs. Our design process was developed by combining the insights of an artist and a psychologist. Using our design questionnaire, we help you define and express your thoughts and ideas for generating a design that will meet the needs of your organization. Through a process of exchanging concepts and revisions, your website or other digital products have the "look" that best expresses your ideas.


Indiana custom web design comanynHarmony design experience includes:


  • Responsive Web Designs
  • Web App Designs
  • Logos and other digital designs



Responsive Designs -
Websites Optimized for Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops


Smart phones, such as iphones and Android phones, cannot display many websites well because the viewing area is small and the design was meant for the larger desktop computer screens. Since so many people use smartphones to access websites, it has become important to create designs that "respond" to the size of the visitor's device. Modern responsive designs "adapt" to the device a person is using! When they use a small hand held device, they view a design for the small device.  As the device display grows, the layout and changes. Most of the websites we developed in 2017 were responsive designs because Google is rewarding responsive designs in search results and our clients are aware that so many people access their websites with their phones.


WebApp Design vs Desktop Design

There may also be differences in what a website visitor may want to do depending on the device they are using. For example, someone using a cell phone may be particularly interested in getting directions or calling. Special designs are needed for small screen devices, ones that easy to read, easy to control, and emphasize what a smart phone user may want.

In contrast, some designs may be specific to large screens. This is often because the site has complex data displays that just cannot be displayed well on a smartphone or the primary purpose of the application is for internal use and everyone has a similar device.

The nHarmony team has designed hundreds of custom desktop layouts and webapp designs.


Design Process


Whether you want us to design a logo, a website, or some other digital design, the process starts with a survey we've deveoped. After we receive your responses, developing the right look and feel is a cyclic process of nHarmony's creation followed by your feedback. This continues until you're satisfied. Once you have approved this design then our web designers create pdfs for printer shops, integrate the design into a website or webapp, or provide the final product some other way.



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