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Indiana Web Software Development


nVantage content management system screenshotnVantage Content Management System (CMS)


Our nVantage content management system provides a collection of customizable website tools, ones that provide power to edit the contents of web pages.  The various modules in our content management system allow you (or us) to add or change (text, pictures, videos, audio, etc.). We can set up software to automatically thumbnail images, provide proper layout and style to your content, and save versions of your pages in case you need to recover an older version. 



What is the Advantage of a CMS?


A CMS provides software that is critical to websites with changing information. For example, a calendar page can allow you to quickly add new events. Other modules can save you time by automatically displaying information by date, thumb nailing images to speed load time, and organizing information on multiple pages. A CMS can also provide interactive pages such as contact us forms, questionnaires, and other kinds of interaction.


The nVantage CMS is easy to use - requiring about the same amount of effort as composing email or a document in a word processing program. We designed it to be easy to customize and easy to optimize for search engines, and load pages quickly.


Sample of the Many Features Available:


Web-Page Features


  • Flexible pages that allow you to organize text and images creatively;
  • Calendars, including day, week, or monthly event lists, with online reservations and online payments;
  • Automatically archived articles, announcements, newsletters, or similar pages;
  • Picture albums/scrapbooks with auto-thumbnailing;
  • Forum areas, Blogs, and other web page communication tools;
  • Login areas with degree of access depending on type of member;
  • Scrollers, rotators, and other dynamic modules that allow text and pictures to change within a webpage;
  • Online surveys and polls;
  • Forms;
  • FAQ modules (different types including an interactive email FAQ system)
  • Links modules to help you organize and build lists of links
  • Contacts module with special email function and other function




Custom  Web Apps


nHarmony has created many web software tools, sometimes in partnership with others, and we are always interested in exploring new ideas. If you've got an idea, we are open to confidential discussions about it. We can provide programs that can run as part of a website, facilitate a website, exist as an app, or just do the work you need it to do. We have created a variety of customizable applications, many of them interfacing with databases (see our products for two that are currently in use).



Some of the software we have created is hosted on our servers so it can be accessed from anywhere. Some of the software is hosted on servers inside an organization's firewall where access can be strictly limited. All of our custom web software applications are accessible using a Internet browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, so there is nothing special to download and keep up to date on your computers. 



Our programmers not only can adapt our current toolkit of applications to your needs, but can create custom applications using a wide range of technologies. And we continually work on our software to keep up with changes in browsers, to improve its usability, to enhance support for Internet marketing, and to add new capabilities.






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