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RSS, Ads & Related


There are many ways your website can interact with other websites.


Adding RSS feeds to your website RSS Feeders and Readers


Some news services and a variety of other websites provide an RSS Feed. We have an RSS Reader that can reside on a web page on your website. The Reader will automatically get the most recent information from the RSS Feeder and display it on your website. Don't want all the information? Our Reader can filter the Feed to present just content areas relevant to your website. Similarly, we have an RSS Feeder that can be placed on your website. People with RSS Readers (including other websites) can access your feed and be kept up to date by the news on your website.





A variety of services can present ads on your website. Some of the larger services display ads the software believes are appropriate given the nature of your website. Others are simpler and just present one or a few ads on your site. We can also create software for you so that others can display your ads on their websites. These technologies support affiliate programs and other marketing efforts.



Web Page Monitoring


Need to know when a page updates? Maybe you monitor RFP pages, grant notices, or other websites that change infrequently but are important to you. Our web page monitoring tool can check web pages to see if they have changed and report to you. Our monitoring tools can run automatically (e.g., at 4am) or can be started manually.


There are a number of other ways that websites may interact. Let us know if you have another kind of interaction that you need.

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