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Content Managed Websites


nVantage content management system screenshotnVantage Content Management System (CMS)


Our nVantage content management system provides a collection of customizable website tools, ones that can give you the power to edit the contents of your web pages.  Editing can be done without you needing to know any special coding or programming. The various modules in our content management system allow you to add or change (text, pictures, videos, audio, etc.). We can set up software to automatically thumbnail images, provide proper layout and style to your content, and save versions of your pages in case you need to recover an older version. 




What is the Advantage of a CMS?


A CMS can provide software on pages that can save you time. For example, a calendar page do a lot of organizing work for you or a picture album can save you time by automatically displaying articles by date, thumb nailing images and organizing information on multiple pages. A CMS can also provide interactive pages such as forms. Using a CMS can make it easy to edit scrolling text and images, or set to automatically display recent news.


The nVantage CMS is easy to use - requiring no more effort than composing email or a document in a word processing program. Since we created nVantage, we designed it to be easier to customize and easier to optimize for search engines. It is the most customizable CMS we use. The basic nVantage content management system is very cost-effective for simple websites, in part because nHarmony has built the CMS modularly so you only pay for the modules you need for your website. As you grow and need more advanced features on your website, the nVantage CMS grows with you. Add-on features include e-commerce tools, advanced communication tools, smart search engines, controlled webpage access, and automatic processes like archiving. We will work with you to choose the tools you require, customize them to your needs, while keeping your budget in mind. And nVantage was developed to provide an outstanding environment for cost effectively integrating custom designs and Internet marketing.




Sample of the Many Features Available:


Web-Page Features


  • Flexible pages that allow you to organize text and images creatively;
  • Calendars, including day, week, or monthly event lists, with online reservations and online payments;
  • Automatically archived articles, announcements, newsletters, or similar pages;
  • Picture albums/scrapbooks with auto-thumbnailing;
  • Forum areas, Blogs, and other web page communication tools;
  • Login areas with degree of access depending on type of member;
  • Scrollers, rotators, and other dynamic modules that allow text and pictures to change within a webpage;
  • Online surveys and polls;
  • Forms;
  • FAQ modules (different types including an interactive email FAQ system)
  • Links modules to help you organize and build lists of links
  • Contacts module with special email function and other functions



Features for Website Administrators


  • Uploads and downloads of many file types;
  • Email list manager;
  • Manage members (allow different kinds of access, add, delete, etc);
  • Webstats
  • Link to webmail



Other Content Managers We Use: 


We also develop and maintain websites using Drupal.  Drupal is a very powerful open source CMS that can run on Windows or Linux servers.  As of 2012, there were over 16,500 free modules available.  It is estimated that over 1.5% of all websites in existence today are built on Drupal, including websites of many of the Fortune 500.  Most reviews rank it as the most sophisticated open source CMS available. We recommend it for clients who need a powerful CMS that can run on a Windows server.


Some of our clients started websites as blogs using WordPress.  WordPress has been adding new features and has grown into a full website development CMS.  Current versions are not as capable as nVantage or Drupal, but are easy to use, especially for basic blogs, and the software continues to evolve. 


nVantage, Drupal, and WordPress are all written in php, a powerful programming language.  We can also work with other php content managers.


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