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Indiana Web Design Company

We are an Indiana web design company, devoted to creating cutting edge designs for websites, logos, business cards and more. Our design process was developed by combining the insights of an artist and a psychologist. Using our design questionnaire, we help you define and express your thoughts and ideas for generating a website design that will meet the needs of your organization. Through a process of exchanging concepts and revisions, your website ideas become a rich visual experience for your web visitors.


Indiana custom web design comanynHarmony has several different approaches to Web Design:


  • Complete Custom Website Design,
  • Custom Website Wrapper,
  • Starting Points Design, and
  • Websites Viewable on Smart Phones.



Complete Custom Web Design


The goal of a complete custom web design is to create a unique, appropriate design for all of the pages on your website. The process typically starts with an interview about the qualities most important to you. You may have a logo or other art that is important to include. Our web designers then create an initial concept, usually of the homepage.


The process of developing the right look and feel of the first page is a cyclic process of nHarmony's creation followed by your feedback. This continues until you're completely satisfied. During these development stages, our designers may add Flash media, roll overs, drop downs and other components. Once you have approved this page and discussed ideas for the other pages, then our web designers create the other pages, working to make each page layout effective and appealing. As with the first page, this is a cyclic process of development.


Normally, complete custom web designs lead to great looking web sites! However, they take the most time to create and are the most expensive option that we offer.






Starting Points Web Design


affordable small business website designThe goal of the Starting Points approach is to create an appropriate web design cost effectively. Starting Point designs may not be as unique as a custom design, but they can be created more quickly and less expensively. Those who are looking to start a new website on a low budget can benefit from the cost savings of this design option.


The process typically starts with you choosing a design that you generally like. Your starting point design may be your current web design, a template (layered files typically required), or one of the designs that we have in our Starting Points catalog. This initial design is then adapted by changing colors and altering graphics. Typically, the artistic changes are not very great and there are very few cycles in this design process. Read more about our Starting Points templates.


Below are examples of Starting Points Designs we have implemented.

Kitty Slicker | Cardinal Pointe Apartments





Websites Optimized for Smartphones


Smart phones, such as the iphone or those running Android, cannot display many websites well because the viewing area is so small. Websites designed for desktop and laptop computers, may be hard to read and hard to control. There may also be differences in what a website visitor may want to do. For example, someone using a cell phone may be particularly interested in getting directions or calling. Special designs are needed for small screen devices, ones that easy to read, easy to control, and emphasize what a smart phone user may want.


For an example of one of our smart phone interfaces, visit mycommunitystorage.com . If you do not use a smart phone, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select "Mobile Site."









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